"We used Konope Compliance to get several employees Responsible Vendor certified through the online program. Not only was the price very affordable compared to others, the software was very user-friendly and it even worked on a smartphone without problems. Our staff learned several helpful policies and without having to spend hours completing the courses. Also, we were able to complete the classes on our schedule which made things much easier than having to schedule a time-slot for everyone. We had one small technical issue and when we contacted Konope, they responded quickly and had the problem fixed within minutes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

-A. Meza, General Manager

The Joint

“Our experience with Konope Compliance was nothing short of outstanding. Not only for the online course easy to understand and quick to complete, Colin’s personal customer service was phenomenal. Any question we had was quickly answered and dealt with and allowed us to complete all of our training on a short deadline. After our experience with Konope, we will be turning to them for all of our Responsible Vendor Training needs going forward.”

-A. Stout, Asst. GM

The Joint

"Best responsible vendor training available in my opinion. I have taken multiple versions from different companies both in person as well as online. None were as interactive and accurate as this course was. The information is clear and to the point and does not leave anything open for interpretation. Also, super flexible with getting new staff trained as well to keep everyone better informed. Could not have asked for a better option!"

— K. Reed, Manager

Local Product of Colorado

"Overall, the course was informative, to the point and easy to use. There is a lot of important information broken down in a simple way that anyone could understand. I like how you can stop and start as you need and that you can work on it online when you have the time instead of having to go into a classroom to get all this info."

--- J. Trujillo

General Manager

Rooted Cannabis

I would highly recommend having your bud tenders complete this course, it was very informative.

-- Lush Colorado

 I thought it was a smooth and comprehensive review of a lot of important compliance issues.  It was very thorough in the issues we face every day, but also touched on a lot of important information that could be overlooked.  Every dispensary in the state should be taking this training.

Mark Harris


Colorado Harvest Company