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Konope Compliance Online Responsible Vendor Training Program

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

In January of 2019, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division released rules stating that for the first time the Responsible Vendor Training Program (RVT) was going to allow for an actual online course option. Konope Compliance is the most recent RVT program approved by the MED and CDPHE and the first to offer the RVT Program online with a SCORM compliant LMS. What does that mean?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It allows training courses to be shared with other SCORM compliant learning management systems. This means if you want us to make a training program for you, we can upload it to our LMS or yours. SCORM offers an additional level of security to allow our content to be shared around the world.

A learning management system is a secure platform that we use to manage the courses that we provide online.

We believe that having the option for your employees to take the RVT program online will help alleviate the reasons in the past you may not have chosen to have your employees certified as Responsible Vendors.

When you chose Konope Compliance's online RVT program, you will get access to the first RVT program that was designed from the beginning, to be online. Just have your employees sign up online, and they will get 15 days access to complete the training and pass the exam with at least a 70 percent or better.

Your company will be considered a Responsible Vendor if all employees, management, and owners who have direct contact with cannabis or cannabis products complete the RVT program every two years.

With more and more examples of enforcement from the MED and local authorities, Medical stores or Recreational Establishments need to take advantage of any and all mitigating factors they can, to have the best defense possible if the worst happens and an employee commits a violation or infraction.

Contact Konope Compliance today with any questions you have about our Responsible Vendor Training Program. We offer online and in-person classes taught by our CEO Colin Mudd. Colin has almost 10 years of cannabis industry experience and will provide a more in-depth understanding of the rules in a classroom setting that is convenient to your facility. Offering an in-person class will give you and your employees the ability to have questions answered in real time along with an opportunity to learn from Colin's first-hand experiences over the past decade dealing with regulators from the MED to the local authorities in Denver, Fort Collins, Clear Creek County, Boulder, Colorado Springs and more.

If the in-person class is the option you would like, please email Colin@konopecompliance.com to schedule a class.


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