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Colin's Compliance Corner

So this is going to be a place where I get to talk about all things compliance. I know, I'm weird, but there is definitely a good feeling when you are standing with an inspector, and you know, they know, they got nothing on you. It's empowering knowing that you knew what they want and you gave it to them before they even know they needed it. That sounded bad, but you know what I mean.

Over the last 10 years, I have met some interesting characters, to say the least. Here, I will share my experiences with you from the good to the bad to the ugly, you hopefully will get an idea for what cannabis compliance is like in not only Colorado but in other states and abroad. For not being a "legal" plant, there sure are a bunch of rules that say what you can, and more importantly what you can't do with it.

Over the next year, I will try to shed some light on complex compliance issues in the industry while trying to show both sides of the story and provide context for the reader to answer the age old question; Why?

More to come to stay tuned!


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