• Colin Mudd

A 'Thank You' to Dispensary Staff

This is a huge thank you to ALL essential cannabis workers out there risking so much to continue to provide for themselves and their families. With little to no time to adjust or train for a new "normal," you have done extraordinary things to help keep our industry going and show not only the state but the world that cannabis is and should be deemed an essential business. During unprecedented times the cannabis industry has proven that we can adapt and overcome anything that is thrown at us, be it ridiculous regulations, or lack of credible information surrounding this plant, you continue to make lemons into lemonade. You continue to pave the unpaved road. You continue to take the road less traveled.

On behalf of your families and friends who depend on you to bring home a paycheck, thank you. On behalf of a former budtender who is fortunate enough to now be on the other side of the counter, thank you. What you do every day does not go unnoticed, and what you are doing now will be seen throughout history as nothing short of heroic. You risk your health and safety, and for some, your family's health and safety, so that you can continue to get a paycheck AND help your company succeed all while trying to figure out how to sell cannabis while being as socially distant as possible.

After the April 17th executive order from the Governor, you are only now required to wear a face mask while working. I pray that you all are safe and can wear a face mask while working to help control the spread of this deadly virus we are still learning about. I pray that all customers are showing you unprecedented love and support for what you do. And if they don't, have hope that the next one will. Not everyone can afford to tip 20 bucks after their purchase, but if they can, I pray you get that $20 bill so that you can go back home and provide for your family. If you are alone at home, I pray that you find strength and solace in the human interaction you are still able to have in the shop or grow, or kitchen, or lab. For the employees still tending to the plants, or making the edibles for the stores to sell, I pray that you find strength in your fellow coworkers and you can find times to laugh and have fun, to find some sort of normal, in the no so normal time. For the delivery drivers delivering the products that are going to be sold in the stores, I pray that you stay safe on the road and always make it back home.

Find joy in the little things. Find joy in the small things you may have once taken for granted, like the after-work blunt, or dab, or edible. Remember that there are 22 million people in this country without work, and hopefully, you are lucky enough to not be one of them. Hopefully, you are still able to find the silver lining in the shit that you may have to deal with daily. Remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Repeat it, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

We as an industry are getting stronger, we are getting more and more credibility by showing the world that we can do this and still be able to stay safe. We will get through this, and when we do, we will be better off then we were before. You are helping others in our community feel better, whether it's medical or recreational, we all know the only difference is the taxes. People are turning to cannabis for so many different reasons, and you are helping them cope with uncertain times and countless other struggles we know nothing about.

Tomorrow is 4.20. At 4:20 pm, on the 20th day in April, the fourth month of 2020, wherever you are, take 15 seconds or more if you can, and just breathe. Be thankful you can and remember there are so many that may not have the ability to do the same. 4/20 has so many unique and personal sentiments to so many that on this 4.20, make sure to remind yourself of what is important to you. Do not take for granted what we are able to do, sell a federally illegal controlled substance with immunity from federal prosecution because of the risks taken by many who came before us. Don't forget there are so many people in this country who still do not have the privilege to take advantage of the many benefits this plant has to offer. Approximately 184 miles East from Denver, is the Kansas state line. Just over that line, you can be sent to prison for selling a joint. According to https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/marijuana-laws-and-penalties/Kansas.htm

Distributing less than 25 grams of marijuana. A violation is a level 4 drug felony, punishable by up to 51 months in prison, a fine of up to $300,000, or both. It's 2020, and this is still a thing. WTF?

If you are reading this and need a job, please contact me, Colin@konopeconsulting.com, I will do my best to use my contacts to get you an opportunity to have an interview, if I can, I will. I can't make any promises, but over my 11 years in this industry, I have made some fantastic friends and contacts who may need staff to ensure their businesses can keep up with demand or may require staff to help give relief to current staff who need it.

For those on the front lines in a different capacity; healthcare workers and their families, grocery store employees and their families, truck drivers, pilots, post office workers, FedEx and UPS workers, and their families, delivery drivers and restaurant workers still helping us be able to get "take out," to the bankers trying to get SBA loans to small businesses who need those loans to stay afloat, THANK YOU does not begin to show my appreciation for what you are doing to help others. Without all of you, essential cannabis workers would not be able to do their jobs. Helping others is what the world needs right now, more than ever.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt


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